Calling ALL Parents

We can learn a lot from our kids…if we would only listen. Why is it that we think we know the way, only to stumble, fumble – sometimes tumble – into the same repeated stupidity? 


Surprised, but Rejoicing!

By Doug Frederick
Surprised?  I don’t know if I was so much surprised.  I mean, I know life can always throw you a curve ball.  There will always be challenges.  Like you, I have experienced times of pain.  Times of hurting.  You could even say suffering.  So, I don’t THINK I was surprised.


Great Start – Finish Stronger

by Aaron Hansen

I had just finished witnessing 3 sermons in 10 days, and I thought to myself, “How does he do it?”  How does PJ “BRING IT” each week like this?  As I pondered that question, the answer became clear even as I considered the circumstances that had engulfed the last 10 days or probably more accurately, the past 10 months.